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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Episode 115: ...And Happy New Year To You!


Goodbye 2013 & Hello 2014! Gathering one more time before the conclusion of the 365th day, the hosts sit and ponder on what the year has been for them and wonder what 2014 will bring! Wishing the future had more chrome and was much more shinier...giggles, chuckles laughs bid adieu to the old and beam for the new!!! #roadtothe200thepisode

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Episode 114: 'Tis The Season!


Prepping for the holiday season, the hosts sit in Giovanni's Room one last time to discuss the DO's & Don'ts of holiday cheer! #tuneIN to see exactly what shenanigans take place! #roadtothe200thepisode

***WIN $100 for a friend by tweeting/facebooking the hashtag #SEASONOFSTYLE to Queer 2 The T!! This is the season of giving an the only catch is that your friend gets to catch a break and ride in style via UBER!! Go to Facebook and Twitter for details on #SEASONOFSTYLE Deadline is DEC 31st, 2013!***

Monday, December 23, 2013

Episode 113: HOORAY GALAEI!!!


The team checks in on all the delight that is GALAEI. Launching another dynamic alternative prom, they have a bunch more on the horizon! Guest host Shanel and Staff Photographer Tara join the fun for a night to remember. The radio team also has a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT so stay tuned to the end! #roadtothe200thepisode

***WIN $100 for a friend by tweeting/facebooking the hashtag #SEASONOFSTYLE to Queer 2 The T!! This is the season of giving an the only catch is that your friend gets to catch a break and ride in style via UBER!! Go to Facebook and Twitter for details on #SEASONOFSTYLE Deadline is DEC 31st, 2013!***

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Episode 112: Hangin' Tight On Some Rough Curves!


The team takes a journey to check out the plus size power mavens that are Curvey Closets and BellaNOR! Colleen, Dominique and Chanea get a first hand experience on how wild radio can get with special host Rough RydeHer being set loose in the ever-stylish boutique! #staytuned #roadtothe200thepisode

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Episode 111: Under, Over, Around & Through!!


What a day...what a day!!! No one driving the bus only means one thing...LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! The team sits with Charles Tyson Jr. of the much buzzed about arts ensemble that is Underground Danceworks housed at the ever popular CEC located "left of center" in Philadelphia! Politics, dance and shenanigans collide as the world learns about the future of dance in the Philadelphia community. #staytuned #roadtothe200thepisode

Episode 110: Oh, What Thanks!


The radio team gathers to contemplate what being "thankful" really means in a nation where injustices and ignorance run wild! #stayTuned #roadtothe200thepisode

Friday, November 29, 2013

Episode 109: Cult Classics Stand Their Ground!


Hot topics "drive the bus" on this episode where the hosts gather to chat about the history of cult classics and what they really stand for. Everything from "2 girls 1 cup" to "Rocky Horror" take center stage in this show! #stayTUNED all the way to the end! #roadtothe200thepisode

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Episode 108: A Canvas of Many Colors!


The nation can sometimes become a weary place but the team takes a mini break to let novice painter Ebony Collier come in and change the hue of their perspective! Beginning with a theatre round up featuring "RFK" by New City Stage Company & Walking Fish Theatre's "HANDS ACROSS VERONICA" the group delights in the optimism of alternating society's canvas one color at a time! #stayTUNED #roadtothe200thepisode

Episode 107: Would You Rather...


The hosts sit and play a political, personal and peculiar game of "Would You Rather". Journeying into the speckled minds of the team, this game challenges how the world perceives its values on society! #stayTUNED #roadtothe200thepisode

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Episode 106: Gender Splendor!


TammyRae Barr of Gender Reel sits in on the spook that is hot topics! From celebrities donning Black-face to "the sexy slave" hitting the Halloween sidewalks this millennium you'd swear it was still the 18th century. Finding some levity in the day of the dead, TammyRae delights listeners on the positive on-goings within Gender Reel! #stayTuned #roadtothe200thepisode

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Episode 105: Zip, Stitch, So Much Reality!


SEAN ANTHONY DESIGNS sits in with the hosts to discuss not only plus size fashion but over the top world views. Hot in the headlines sews in so much to think about and the guest surge right on in for the ride! #stayTUNED #roadtothe200thepisode

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Episode 104: We'll Drink To That!!!


The gangs all in!!! The farce that is the celebration towards the founding father of the Transatlantic Slave Trade [Christopher Columbus], the hosts salute many fallacies of a "Grand 'ol Nation", the only way they know how....via a drinking game. Turning college history lessons upside-down, in the calamity of a society they call home, finding a victor is the needle in the proverbial haystack (at least they got to drink about it, lol)!! Listening all the way to the very end will have you in stitches! #stayTuned #roadtothe200thepisode

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Episode 103: The Recipe of Service!


The GARCES FOUNDATION opened its doors to the hosts to discuss the perfect recipe of community wellness through activism and service. Before dabbling on the secret success of communal harmony, hot topics gets saucy highlighting all that is wildly crazy in the world. While still deciding if the New Jersey governor has a cream center, Garces Foundation Program Director of English for the Restaurant & Everyday Living Mallory Lopez enlightens the listenership on the wonders of teaching ESL to non-native adult learners within the Philadelphia community and beyond! #stayTuned #roadtothe200thepisode AAAANNNNNNDDDDD make sure to listen all the way through to hear a SPECIAL inside interview with the Producer, Director and Cast of SIMPATICO's "THE BROTHERS SIZE"!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Episode 102: HABBA-DASHERY!


The US government is SHUTDOWN but the hosts are on the move! Sitting with the owner of Milica In The Hat, Milica brings a twist to hot topics that keeps everyone on their toes. But first, the hosts recap the wonders of FRINGEARTS highlighting "Better Than Broadway", "Emma" and "Bye Bye Liver: The Philadelphia Drinking Play". Laying down the woes of the world for just a moment, Milica will have you drooling over daringly whimsically hats and accessories she custom fashions to your personality!! #stayTUNED #roadtothe200th

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Episode 101: The World's A Stage w/ Di the Comedienne


What an electric Monday!!! Having a gut-busting good time, the hosts sit with Di the Comedienne, who is no joke! Beginning with a FRINGEARTS overview featuring Tangle Movement Arts, Ego Po, Shannon Agnew and GenderReel, Di the Comedienne couldn't wait for her time to shine. Highlighting her accomplishments thus far, they break into discuss some serious topics. Domestic abuse, labeling and pop culture bubble to the surface but with levity and light, Di the Comedienne displays that a giggle or two is a saccharine relief to the medicinal mundane. #ontoyear3 #roadtothe200th

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Episode 100: 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza!!!

PR Radio Station's QUEER 2 THE T, the #1 Queer Sound has hit the 2 year mark PLUS celebrating its 100th episode. Two milestones in one week you think the gang would be tired...but they are not!! Moving and grooving the team announced the opening of new home bases on the WEST COAST and across the pond! Sharing the news with close friends and colleagues, Queer 2 The T would like to thank all involved for their continued support has they glide into new developments! A SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Expressive Hand, PR Radio Station, Lady M Productions, Aversa PR & Events, Amazulu Collections, Olive Garden, Philly PR Girl, Growlers, Uber, Franklin Fountain, Ms Goody Cupcake, Happy Wanderer Bakery, Maroons, J. Flair PR, Painted Bride Arts Center, Ebony Collier, Pink Dot Concepts and last but certainly not least TGO PRODUCTIONS! #stayTUNED

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Episode 99: Gun Control & Personal Accountability


At what moment does accountability factor in regarding civility? Is GUN CONTROL as silly as touting ARROW CONTROL or KNIFE CONTROL? Is there a need for PEOPLE CONTROL? Can society exercise humanity towards one another without the government having to institute laws demanding so? The hosts bring up some talking points but what do you think? #speakOUT


Friday, September 6, 2013

Episode 98: Tangled Web We Weave... #dating101


Host sit in Philadelphia's #1 queer establishment, Tabu Sports Bar and Lounge, to chat about the 411 of dating!!! #stayTuned


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Episode 97: It Was The Best of Times...!


Chatting the night away at their home base of Giovanni's Room, the hosts discuss the ups and downs of the American Educational system. Squeezing in a little levity, this subject matter is still very serious. If the nation truly believes "the children are the future" then shouldn't it do better? #tuneIN


Monday, August 26, 2013

Rainbows Shine Bright Even In All White: a DINER EN BLANC exclusive!


The Queer 2 The T, the #1 Queer Sound crew interviewed Diner en Blanc quests who were chosen to paint the town in streaks of white! Now, the sought after "secret" all-white affair, has hit a two year stride in Philadelphia and joined the ranks of other international Diner en Blanc events. With approximately 2,500 guests taking over 30th and JFK with 30th Street Station as the exquisite evening backdrop, Queer 2 The T found some "queer" couplings that graced the event to represent the community at large. Below are some of the guests we found and the order of their appearance on the #1 QUEER SOUND!

1. Amber Hikes: Stimulus
2. Perry Monastero: Mazzoni Center
3. Sara Ann Kelly & Garret: SAK PR
4. Shanel Sherese: Professional Actor & Drag King
5. Stormy Lundy: Special Events at Reading Terminal Market
6. Jivey: TV Producer
7. Freedom G Photography
8. Chris Bartlett: William Way
9. Williams-Sonoma
10. Denine: The Bicycle Chef
11. Pam and Laurel: representing the "L" in LGBTQ

#roadtothe100thepisode #stayTUNED  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Episode 96: Who Keeps You Warm & Snappy?

The team gets exclusive FaceTime with the one and only MARY LAMBERT of "She Keeps Me Warm" and Macklemore's "Same Love" before she hits the stage of the VMA's this upcoming Sunday. Afterwards, the hosts continue to wind down as TapSnap owner Ben Bender winds up his social media to inform the team what's on the agenda for the future of fun and business! With only 4 more episodes to the 100th, can the hosts keep it together for another Monday? #stayTuned 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 95: LA PHun with Davon Williams and Philly PR Girl!


Fresh from the aluminum bird, Davon Williams rejoins the hosts to resume his position as HOTTIE CORRESPONDENT for the evening! Cackling about hot topics and life in LA scene, it's like six months apart where a distant memory. Kate Marlys, Philly PR Girl, shares in the fun by telling the world what's hot in poppin' in Philadelphia and having a rip-roaring good time with the Queer 2 The T team! With only 5 episodes left until the 100th, this episode is definitely a dozy!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 94: Is Benjamin At Your Desk?


The hosts hang in the city to chat with the proprietor of Benjamin's Desk, Mike Maher! Giving a play by play of how a thriving co-work space functions in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, the gang has a blast chuckling over what is hot in the headlines while dreaming of the amenities that are offered at Benjamin's Desk!!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Episode 93: Reading is FUNdamental!


Hosts venture into the psyche of Dr. Campbell as she enlightens the world on the marvels that happen inside THE READING CLINIC. Before discussing pedagogy and educational development, hot topics once again bring a little sizzle to the evening. From Subway employees serving more than their fair share of "service" to Juror B29 setting the record straight on the Zimmerman trial, this episode will definitely leave you wanting more!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Episode 92: Getting WHIPped Into Shape!


The hosts sits with Marc Banks of Temple University's W.H.I.P Radio Station. This student-run organization has made many strides and last year landed in the Top 3 of University Radio Stations. Without a doubt this was the place to talk about the malarkey of politics and the AWESOME-ness that was Qfest. From "Hot Guys with Guns" to why Zimmerman should still be on the run from the general public, Mondays with the crew will never be dull. With only 8 more episodes until the 100th, the cast and crew are giddy with excitement! #stayTUNED 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Episode 91: Who's in the Attic?


Starting the evening discussing Ballet X, various films featured in Qfest and the Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict make for a night to remember! The Attic Youth Center opens its doors to share in the zany that is the hosts while explaining to the world that not only are they an amazing group of individuals serving the LGBTQIA youth, that they can also hang tough with the Queer 2 The T team! #tuneIN


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Episode 90: What the Blush?


Beginning with an EXCLUSIVE interview with world renowned author Thomas Glave discussing his new book “Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh”, episode 90 is something not to be missed. Our featured guest M. “Blush” Sutton, owner of Blush & Brushes, highlights a wild Monday night. Werepandas, shankables, artisan oil and colloquial misnomers “make-up” amazing topics of conversation. GM Hil takes one for the team as Blush works her beauty maven magic; refreshing not only Hil’s appearance but the world on the fundamentals of embracing ones “pretty face and beautiful soul”!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episode 89: Muy Caliente Monday!


A whole segment devoted to what is HOT IN THE HEADLINES!!! The hosts gather inside Tabu Sport Bar and Lounge to pick apart social politics. From the Zimmerman trial to the B. Scott controversy, the hosts are armed to the tooth with commentary. As the #roadtothe100thepisode draws nigh, this is an show you definitely don't want to miss! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Episode 88: Parlez-vous Diner en Blanc?


Touching down once again in the City of Brotherly Love, Diner en Blanc curator Natanya DiBona describes how she and her team plan to paint the town in a fresh coat of white! Blushfully chiming in on what's hot in the headlines, Natanya and the hosts have an amazing time delighting in info-tainment! Diner en Blanc will soon be announcing their secret location of the city's top notch all white extravaganza but until August 22, 2013 comes around, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and their website to stay in the know!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Episode 87: Dining Out with Serrano!


Have you ever discussed oiling your pets or the theory of “The Cotton Ceiling” at your dinner table?! Well, that means you never had dinner with the cast and crew of Queer 2 The T, the #1 Queer Sound. On location at the stunning and welcoming Serrano Restaurant, the hosts savor the exquisite cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Gina Rodriguez. Owner Donal McCoy not only provided an enchanting cocktail but a drop dead handsome accent that lingers divinely on one’s palate. Guest Co-Host Blush Sutton and Iris McCarthy join the team to add their own culinary musings; so much spice that there’s not a pot big enough to contain all the sass percolating in the restaurant! To hear the fun, tune all the way in. For more information on Serrano, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their website. Below is a list of the delights the hosts had during the taping! #roadtothe100thepisode

Sampled Menu:
*Drink Special
-6th Thyme Cocktail

-Chef’s Daily Seasonal Fresh Grilled Vegetables
-Corn Fritters
-Heirloom Tomatoes
-Vegetable Ratatouille
-Roasted Red Beets
-Jalapeno Hummus
-Crispy Goat Cheese
-Spinach & Watermelon Salad
-Steamed Mussels

*Main Course
-Jumbo Scallops
-1/2 Rack BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs
-Seafood Trio (Perch, Scallop, Shrimp, Spring Pea Risotto & Truffled Herb Salad)

-Lemon Butter Cake w/ Lavender Ice cream
-Fresh Fruit Frangipane Tart (Kiwi & Strawberry)
-Honey Rosemary Crème Brulee 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Episode 86: Food Fun with Iris McCarthy!


With the Zimmerman trial on the horizon, Hot Topics get spicy. Hosts and special guest Iris McCarthy, author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Philadelphia", gorge on questions about race, politics, education and a smorgasbord of venues to ease the tensions of a fast paced world. Shying away from "Satan sandwiches", Iris gives us the scoop on the good eats around the city!! For more information, visit her on Facebook, Twitter and via website!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episode 85: Uber Fun In Philly & Beyond!


As if the weather wasn't sizzle-y enough, Hot Topics take the cake! Speaking on the Papa John's employees leaving racial slurs on a customer's voice-mail to scammed designer prom dresses and Ego Po's race reversal casting in Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Monday nights have never been more fierce. Soothing the heat, the lovely ladies of UBER Philly, Meagan & Adria, gab about the cool ways their company provides comfort to Philadelphia and across the globe with their affordable luxury car service. Tune all the way in for your special discount codes and more! For more information on UBER Philly, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, their Website and their mobile app!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Episode 84: Do.Dare.Dream with Sincerely Syreeta!

Inspiring the minds of those who dare to dream, Sincerely Syreeta sits with the team to talk about the rocky road to success. From standing up against bullying to highlighting pop culture treasures on, Syreeta is a testament that dreams really do come true if you wholeheartedly believe. Laughing the night away, the team also says farewell to M Diggs by playing "The M Game" to pay tribute to her last day on-air! For more information about Syreeta's mission, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Episode 83: What's In Your D.N.A with Meagan McLeod!

[Available via donation]

Billboard Music Award follies, the hugging dead and a high school expulsion, fire up hot topics. Meagan McLeod, founder of PEP Talk on Blog Talk Radio, joins in all the fodder while taking a moment to enlighten the world on the destined blueprints of everyone's D.N.A [Divine Natural Ability]. Tune all the way in to get the SPECIAL CODE to receive a FREE 10 minute session with Meagan!!! For information on Meagan's mission, follow her on Twitter and Facebook  #roadtothe100thepisode

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode 82: The INS & OUTS of Sports w/ Team Philadelphia

[Available via donation]

Another jam packed Monday as the hosts sit with various members of TEAM PHILADELPHIA. Team Philadelphia is an umbrella organization that supports multiple athletic leagues including but not limited to: GO! Athletes , City of Brotherly Love Softball League, PLTA Tennis, (GPFFL) Flag Football, Liberty Bowling, ODDYSSEY Half Marathon, Philadelphia Gryphons Rugby Football Club, Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon and countless others. Team Philadelphia's GPFFL will be hosting the 2014 GAY BOWL so they are excited to have copious LGBTQIA and ally teams from around the world touchdown into the City of Brotherly Love! Make sure you tune all the way in to get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE if you are interested in participating in the upcoming 1/2 Marathon by ODDYSSEY and listen in to how each sports team views being an "out" athlete! For more detailed information on all these sports teams and their affiliates across the globe, visit them on Facebook at TEAM PHILADELPHIA! We are on our #roadtothe100thepisode so follow this hashtag to see how you can be part of the journey, updates and ways to donate to the #1 Queer Sound with over 25K listeners WORLDWIDE!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Episode 81: How The West Was Artistic w/ BRAT Productions & TU Poetic Ethnography

[Available via donation]

BRAT Productions croons and swoons violent melodic tales on "how the West was won" for their upcoming show LAST PLOT IN REVENGE: a Spaghetti Western! Helping us gallop into the pondering sunset, Temple University's Poetic Ethnography take center stage filling in our hot topics with poetic splendor. Poetry, song, puppets and gore make for a magical night no one will forget. For more information and tickets to the LAST PLOT IN REVENGE, visit 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Episode 80: Singin' with PGMC

[Available via donation]

Nailing segues, PIFA's "Lost Hour" of "Time", schools permitting sex in high schools but ban strapless dresses, being "out" on the job, robot takeovers and universal admiration of showtunes make for a madcap Monday. Philadelphia Gay Mens Chorus [PGMC] sit in with the hosts to sing praises to what's happening in their world. In celebration of their 31st choral season, they are offering all of our listeners a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE for their upcoming concert "ExtrABBAganza" (May 16-18). Tune all the way in to get your hands on the phrase that pays! For detailed information, visit 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Episode 79: Hot In The City

[Available via donation]

The hosts gab the night away about some of the cool things they like to indulge in while in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York. Though it wouldn't be a jocular Monday without a little bit of showtunes drama and list of 25 things that may make you a "hot mess"! Listen in at your own mercy :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Episode 78: Social Media Do's and Don'ts

[Available via donation]

It's never a dull moment when the whole team is together. Spontaneous bursts of admiration about THE VIEW to reviewing Plays and Players production of THE AMERICA PLAY by Susan Lori Parks, you'd think the fun had just begun. The hosts turn it up a thousand fold during hot topics dishing on mass stabbings, cancer campaign calamities, porn tutorials gone wrong, Cuba-mania & cuspid Kevorkians interweaving themselves into the main theme of SOCIAL MEDIA DO'S AND DON'TS! It truly doesn't get better than this...

Follow our Twitter hashtag #SocialFootprint for some extra laughs and things to ponder!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Episode 77: A Night of Theater w/ Theatre Exile pt. 2

[Available via donation]

To be or not to be Manatee! Keeping it real in our hot topics with marketing gone wrong, the evolution of college sports and will the legacy of wisdom and quaintness continue through generations! Our special guest, Associate Artistic Director, Matt Pfeiffer of Theatre Exile, joins in on the fun! This paired perfectly with his upcoming play, “North of the Boulevard”, written by Bruce Graham featuring Scott Greer, Brian McCann, Bill Rahill and Lindsay Smiling. Matt Pfeiffer, known for taking on more iconic pieces, found himself drawn to this new piece with a story that using unabashed humor and fearless honesty. North of the Boulevard paints a vividly candid picture of class, politics, gentrification and survival in the modern urban city. This play will run through April 18th-May 19th at Theatre Exile, 13th & Reed Streets.

For more information and tickets, please go to

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Episode 76: Flying High with Mary Kelly & PIFA!

[Available via donation]

HOW ABOUT THOSE PRISONS!?! Hot topics would be hot if the hosts didn't get a little real even on April Fools Day! As it seems, the Philadelphia School system has decided to throw away education for its youth like dirty bath water on curb corners. Despite the ill-fated results surrounding the demise of the upcoming Fall term, Mary Kelly joins in with "Daringly High" hopes for arts and culture surrounding Philadelphia. Mary Kelly, the founder of Fly School Circus Arts, chats the night away testing the limits of all the hosts!!

More information on Fly School Circus Arts, visit them on Facebook!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Episode 75: Happy Anniversary Aversa PR!

[Available via donation]

OMG...only 25 more Mondays until we hit our 100th episode & what a way to spend it with our Public Relations partner Kory Aversa! Kory Aversa is the brainchild behind Philly Loves Fun and Aversa PR who are both celebrating their 1 year anniversary. So many astounding things on the horizon...tune in to be in the know!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Episode 74: Home Sweet Home at Leotah's Place

[Available via donation]

The hosts sit with Leotah's Place Coffeehouse owner Brittany Lewis (Blew) to taste the splendor that is unity! Leotah's Place is a warm, welcoming space for the community. Leotah's Place Coffeehouse offers direct trade, organic, and an array of local items. Their motto "straight from the farmer to your cup" is an amazing way to start and conclude the day!

For information on Leotah's Place Coffeehouse visit them Facebook or their website!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Episode 73: Lights, Camera, Action w/ Tara & Shanel

[Available via donation]

The hosts shine a spotlight on what's happening in the world with topics ranging from theater arts to nail cancer and backing handing tigers named Couscous to "Being White In Philadelphia". Joining in on the fun are Tara Lessard (Photographer) and Shanel Sherese (Professional Drag King) sharing points of view on their chosen careers and living the life as an LGBTQIA power couple.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Episode 72: Its a QOTA-versary!

[Available via donation]

EPA (East Passyunk Avenue) helps QOTA (Queers On The Avenue) celebrate 4 years of bringing a community at large together with great food and beverages! Renee and Lynn sit with the hosts and lay down the law on what it takes for small businesses to stay afloat and the joys of harnessing a true sense of comradery in South Philadelphia!

For more information on QOTA, follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Episode 71: The Quality of Life w/ GALAEI

[Available via donation]

Monkey Meat, Guinea Worm & Brown Tree Snakes join the home of GALAEI as show host chat the night away with Nicki and Elicia! These ladies are at the helm of amazing things supporting the youth in North Philadelphia. From programming to alternative proms these gals sure know how to have informative and fantastic fun times with the community.

For more information about GALAEI, follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 70: Oh So Thrifty w/ Philly AIDS Thrift

[Available via donation]

Stylin' and Profilin' with the founders of the groovie and philanthropic organization, Philly AIDS Thrift! Located on the corner of 5th & Bainbridge in Philadelphia, the hosts hit the ground running on hot topics ranging from Lays "Chicken & Waffles" flavored chips to Mississippi finally ratifying the 13th Amendment in 2013! Production Assistant Kenya talks shop on the highlights of Theatre Exile's production of "The North Plan" and close the evening being inspired by the magnificence of community from the staff at Philly AIDS Thrift. For more information on Philly AIDS Thrift, visit them on Facebook and Twitter!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Episode 69: The TRANS Discussion w/ Mark Schoen

[Available via donation]

LOL! CAUTION: "Hot Topics" are just that! Race and Gender seem to be super-sized issues that are still on the nation's menu that some are still too afraid to order. From the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAfA) exhibit "The Female Gaze" to rapist parental rights, Monday nights have never been more sizzling. Guest Mark Schoen interviews with the team to discuss his award winning documentary TRANS and share an enlightened view on the transgender community at large.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Episode 68: Palettes Ready for Smokin' Betty's

[Available via donation]

General Manager Emily Smith showers the hosts with delicious, VERY scrumptious American fare of Smokin' Betty's located on 11th & Sansom in Philadelphia! Joining the crew for the evening was the "King of All Energy" Antoine Johnson of House of Talent PA and co-host auditionee Zatina G. Kory Aversa, popped in for a short minute to say hello and have fun with the whole gang! From botched college tour trips to craft beer, no subject matter is left undevoured.

Follow Smokin' Betty's on Twitter @SmokinBettys and on FaceBook at Smokin' Bettys!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Episode 67: Flipping Out with Temple University Men's Gymnastics!

[Available via donation]

A club fire, stagehand union strike, Casey Anthony, Jonbenet Ramsey, naked men on SEPTA and bailouts bailing out bailouts tumble the night away with gymnastics team members Evan and Dash from Temple University Men's Gymnastics [TUG]. These men know how to hold their own with the hosts of Queer 2 The T! Scores of titles under their belts, the guys talk about their future endeavors after they remove their cap and gowns plus what gymnastics has afforded them as they move forward into adulthood. Detailed information on TU Gymnastics and be found on Facebook, Twitter and their OwlSports page. But in the midst of rings, bars and floor routines, the host take a minute to say goodbye to the "Z" in "TMZ".

Artist Spotlight: "Can't Get Enough" by Keemar Davis. NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Episode 66: Artist Spotlight w/ Janee Latrice!

[Available via donation]

Britain is colonizing again...there's a Seattle Nigeria?? words...hand signals...VICTIM-eeze with a hashtag for Jesus come full circle as the hosts sit down the astounding Janee Latrice! To explain it would be mundane so you must LISTEN all the way IN!

For more information on Janee, visit: &

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Episode 65: Black 'n Brew, Hot Topics & Other Fun Things To Do!

[Available via donation]

A packed fun-filled evening as Queer 2 The T discuss various topics that are hot in the headlines then delight in the amazing splendor that is Black 'n Brew located at 1523 East Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia with guest host Liz Filios! Get more information on Black 'n Brew by finding them on Facebook and Twitter.

Joining the cast and crew is Hottie Correspondent auditionee Durrock Knox! If you liked what Durrock had to offer, don't forget to vote for this young lad by listening, downloading and sharing this episode. All votes will help towards the final decision :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Episode 64: New Year, Say What!

[Available via donation]

Antoine Johnson, owner of House of Talent PA, definitely helped us ring in the new year with side splitting, gut busting, and finger snapping fun! Other than listening to the episode in its entirety, there’s no other way to describe it!

House of Talent PA is a home based full service company that represents actors, singers, dancers, beauty, commercial, fashion, runway models & products. A boutique agency that represents strong talent in the PA/NJ/NY area as well as LA. House of Talent PA is unique in that they do their own in house photography for their models and products. For detailed information, check them out on Twitter @HouseOfTalentPA

**Auditions for new cast members have resumed for 2013! Now, if you liked ANY of our past auditionees and think they would be a great addition to the Queer 2 The T family, click “LIKE” on our website, Google+ us and download this episode as all of these count as votes towards us making the final decision**