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Since the debut of Queer 2 The T in mid-September 2011, it has touched listeners from around the globe. The UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Fiji, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Austria, Colombia, France, Venezuela, Spain, Libya, Japan...just to name a few, have tuned in to support us being on the air. Thank you, Thank you and thank you once again for believing in us! Below are some comments and press mentions we received so far. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please feel free to email us at and we will post it here!

The Philadelphia Gay News (PGN) interviewed Queer 2 The T
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Aversa PR & Events Partnership Review
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OnlyInPhiladelphia Magazine Article
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GPhilly Magazine Article
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Mazzoni Center Article
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The ladies of Queer 2 The T are astounding hosts and I would love to collab and rock out with them again... We did have a great discussion and this is a show I will continue to support and recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you so much for the honor and pleasure of having me as a guest on your creative, well rounded, entertaining show! You ladies are the future keep up the good work! Love and respect ~Di The Comedian

"It was more than a pleasure to interview with Queer To The T! The energy and vibe was positive & it created a great flow for the interview! I truly do thank the cast of PR radio for having me I really appreciate it and I cannot wait to work with your station in the near future! Much love." ~King B, Premiere Radio on Temple University W.H.I.P

"I really appreciated the flexibility of the team. Everyone was open and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. I'd love to do it again!" ~M. "Blush" Sutton, Blush and Brushes

"These guys are awesome!! Super fun to hang out with, great experience over all!" ~Serrano Restaurant/Tin Angel

"The professionalism of this team is second to none. The conversation flowed naturally and the experience was enjoyable. Highly recommended!" ~Sue Gildea, City Of Brotherly Love Softball League

"Thanks for the good times! It was really great to see y'alls energy and love for each other and what you do. Plus, it felt just like being on the gay The View! Super fun!" ~Jess C.

"Thanks you are real pros. It was a pleasure!" ~Marga Gomez of "Mike & Marga Make Queer Comedy"

"It was a pleasure working with Queer 2 The T, they are a well oiled machine that brings great energy to a project." ~LaNeshe Miller-White, Painted Bride Arts Center Marketing Director 

"When eva I get a chance 2 listen I'm always enjoyin ur all personality and energy. Now I can listen from my celly...." ~Patricia J.

"Ur awesome! Thanks so much. Great to meet u both and thanks for havin us on the show :)" ~Mike Albo of "Mike & Marga Make Queer Comedy"

"We had so much fun...thanks for the great interview!" ~East Passyunk Avenue Businesses

"My time with the ladies of Queer 2 The T was incredibly fun and engaging. The environment that these ladies created was  warm, supportive, and structured. This allowed for great spontaneity and genuine conversation. Not only did we have an active conversation on the usually 'dry' topic of Shakespeare, but it was peppered with great conversation about every day life allowing all of us to connect with listeners on a personal level. They are true professionals--more importantly, people." ~Davon W.

"It was my deep pleasure. How amazing to talk with intelligent queer people of color about a variety of topics" ~Monica M.

"Listening to your May 8th show. It rocks!!!" ~Mary G. M

“T and her Crew are 3 very naturally funny and engaging young women who riff off each other like they grew up together as sisters in the same crazy house!  It was a fun experience on both shows…a very different sort of radio show on Shakespeare than one might expect. I felt immediately welcomed, relaxed, engaged and open to the riff…Thanks so much for having us Shake it on your show!” ~
J.J. Van Name

"Keep up the good work!" ~Kristian S.

"I love listening in!!" ~Linda M.

"Great show!" ~TakePhilly

"Stay in tune with what's going on our community! If you are missing Queer 2 The're missing out!" ~Elements Organization

"Good karma to you!" ~Nina T.

"Queer 2 The T has a wonderful atmosphere. There was plenty of laughter all evening. TS Hawkins is joined by her co-host Z. They have great chemistry and very entertaining on air and in person." ~Lyle H.

"In love with Episode 4" ~Mikey N.

"Definitely the NEXT thing in radio! T and Z have chemistry up the whizzang, convo for days, opinions for weeks and a fan for life! ~Len W.

"You two should have least an hour & a half. Love it..." ~Axia S.

"I've been listening--just not live because my Mondays are booked. Bravo! Favorite person whom I've never met [Z], its finally put a voice to the face" ~Nica C.

"HHEEYY, Love you TWO!!!" ~Maleka D.


"I'm going to listen to you ladies for a long time...loving the convos and will suggest you to others!" ~Dawn H.

"Let me just say being on Queer 2 The T was AWESOME! The hosts and other guests were absolutely fabulous! They are highly intelligent and hilarious ladies. We had fun both on the air and off. The dialogue was eye opening and explorative and the overall experience was irreplaceable. Big thanks to the amazing host T and Z for giving me the opportunity to come on the ONLY Queer sound in Germantown." ~Leila W. 

"I'm a grouch. I've always been a grouch, and probably will always be a grouch. Being on Queer 2 The T and experiencing the lively and intelligent convo between the hosts and guests made me less grouchy, but if only for an hour....And that's the hour I wanna experience now every week for the rest of ETERNITY! The dopest, illest, hypest, realest, I never knew I'd like anything as much as I like this show." ~Evan T.

"I had such a rad time on the show.....thanks so much for inviting me on the program! Both of you are so talented and I'm glad I got to share some thought provoking , progressive, creative and intelligent conversation with each of it on air or off air. This is an amazing space that allows for free expression of all thoughts queer and radical!" ~Leah B.