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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Episode 101: The World's A Stage w/ Di the Comedienne


What an electric Monday!!! Having a gut-busting good time, the hosts sit with Di the Comedienne, who is no joke! Beginning with a FRINGEARTS overview featuring Tangle Movement Arts, Ego Po, Shannon Agnew and GenderReel, Di the Comedienne couldn't wait for her time to shine. Highlighting her accomplishments thus far, they break into discuss some serious topics. Domestic abuse, labeling and pop culture bubble to the surface but with levity and light, Di the Comedienne displays that a giggle or two is a saccharine relief to the medicinal mundane. #ontoyear3 #roadtothe200th

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Episode 100: 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza!!!

PR Radio Station's QUEER 2 THE T, the #1 Queer Sound has hit the 2 year mark PLUS celebrating its 100th episode. Two milestones in one week you think the gang would be tired...but they are not!! Moving and grooving the team announced the opening of new home bases on the WEST COAST and across the pond! Sharing the news with close friends and colleagues, Queer 2 The T would like to thank all involved for their continued support has they glide into new developments! A SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Expressive Hand, PR Radio Station, Lady M Productions, Aversa PR & Events, Amazulu Collections, Olive Garden, Philly PR Girl, Growlers, Uber, Franklin Fountain, Ms Goody Cupcake, Happy Wanderer Bakery, Maroons, J. Flair PR, Painted Bride Arts Center, Ebony Collier, Pink Dot Concepts and last but certainly not least TGO PRODUCTIONS! #stayTUNED

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Episode 99: Gun Control & Personal Accountability


At what moment does accountability factor in regarding civility? Is GUN CONTROL as silly as touting ARROW CONTROL or KNIFE CONTROL? Is there a need for PEOPLE CONTROL? Can society exercise humanity towards one another without the government having to institute laws demanding so? The hosts bring up some talking points but what do you think? #speakOUT


Friday, September 6, 2013

Episode 98: Tangled Web We Weave... #dating101


Host sit in Philadelphia's #1 queer establishment, Tabu Sports Bar and Lounge, to chat about the 411 of dating!!! #stayTuned