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Friday, May 16, 2014

Episode 127: Fresh From the Vine!

The FRESH CUT ORCHESTRA delivers a "cheek gauging" good time with the team. Preparing for the debut of their new CD "From The Vine", they are already on the move to showcase a sophomore release. Elevating orchestra and jazz to a universal out-of-this-world soul cruising getaway, these gentlemen sure know how to package an unforgettable experience. #stayTuned

Episode 126: How Many LiCKs Does It Take To Get To The Center Of...

Things get hot and heavy as the team heads over to Sexploratorium to produce an episode of a lifetime. Lascivious Jane tells all about the glory of LiCK (Liberty City Kings) while the hosts get a tutorial in erotica which turns out to be a whips and chains overload!! #stayTuned