Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Episode 132: AIDS Education with Chip & Tiffany

Wacky segways combine Tracey Morgan vs. Walmart, Maya Angelou, Canadian Helicopter prisoner escape and working while black. Chip and Tiffany hold their own while breaking down how they inspire the world during AIDS EDUCATION MONTH! Stay Tuned!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Episode 131: "My Life A 4 Letter Word..." with Dolores!

Staying with our westside family, we chat the night away with Dolores who updates us on her memoir "My Life A 4 Letter Word; Confessions of Counter Culture Diva". In this episode, TruBlood, Bieber, Dixie Chicks and the N-Word collide for an evening you don't want to miss! #tuneIn

**WARNING: Please pardon the popcorn sound during the interview. Due to the guests waterfront location, the Skype connection was not at its best**

Episode 130: "The Skin I'm In" with Broderick Fox

The team connects with their West Coast family and dials in with the one and only Broderick Fox! Hitting topics on spirituality, tattoos, discovery and acceptance, his documentary serves as a steeping stone to open your personal journey. #tuneIN