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\kwir\: differing in some odd way from what is usual or the normal [Merriam Webster Dictionary]

Queer 2 The T, the #1 Queer Sound, plans to provide the community with political commentary, nightlife happenings and arts & culture events through online radio programming. The hosts aim to embrace all communities and provide a protected environment to examine the similarities in our "differences". Coupled with community initiatives, Queer 2 The T, strives to merge what has been coined "awkward", "gay" "inane", "hetero-normative", "weird" and "out of the box" into the unified category of humanity by addressing countless topics with on-air interviews & communal outreach from local and global listenership.

Queer 2 The T is more than a radio show; it is a safe space for "queer" identified to convene to discuss concerns and info-tainment. Essentially, all members and listeners are "queer to perfection" and that's what makes us exceptional!


Rebroadcasts of episodes can be found on the Queer 2 The T home page or on PR Radio Station; a station dedicated to "promoting a community at large!