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Monday, October 24, 2011

Episode 7: Queer Parenting: I Do Not Want My Kid(s) To Be Queer, Though I Am!

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  1. wow, totally oppisite of what I'm used to, I know lots of bisexual families that are brave about saying and teaching that they don't care and only want their kids to be happy . . . but are secretly thrilled when the kids turn out to be "other than straight"

    I think the reason is they love the LGBTQ+ Community themselves, have raised their children in the community and they cannot conceive of their children and eventually grandchildren having a life that doesn't include the community.

  2. Hello Brenda,

    Quite honestly I find this topic to be reflective of race and class. My white friends couldn't care less what their kids are as long as they're happy. But my brown folk? Nah, I find that many of us eat, breathe, and shyt internalized homophobia. I see questions posed to FB groups like 'if you could make sure your child was str8, would you?' I mean who would want to choose the sexual preference/identity of their child for them unless they personally had huge internal issues with their own sexuality??? I am aware that there are outliers to this and a confounding variable is that I'm black, but my running joke is:
    What are black men w/non-traditional sexual desires? On the DL
    What are white men w/non-traditional sexual desires? Gay

    I have a dream that one day my 4 (unborn) children will live in a world where people were just people.

    Thanks Brenda!! Keep tuning in!