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The Queer Review

Queer 2 The T reviews Theater/Nightlife
**scroll to listen or read reviews of theater/nightlife in the Greater Philadelphia area.
The shows below are produced/written/performed by queer artists or allies of the community**

CURRENT REVIEWS Click to listen or read!
+OutBeat: America's First Queer Jazz Festival (William Way/Pew Center)
+The Importance of Being Earnest (Mauckingbird Theatre Company)
+The America Play & Other American Cousins (Plays & Players)
+Edith Can Shoot Things & Hit Them (Theatre Confetti)
+Ruined (Stage Crafters)
+INVERT! (Tangle Arts Movement)
+BOOTY CANDY (Wilma Theater)
+The Lysistrata Project (Simpatico)
+The Philly Fan (Theatre Exile)
+Heroes (Lantern Theater Company)

*Angels In America, Part One: Millennium Approaches (Wilma Theater)
*Much Ado About Nothing (Mauckingbird Theatre Company)
*Napolean Princess Groupie Newspaper (Live Arts/Philly Fringe 2012)
*Stop Kiss (Live Arts/Philly Fringe 2012)
*You Don't Say (Tangle Arts)
*Angles In America, Part Two: Perestroika (Wilma Theater)
*Assistance (Wilma Theater)
*Henry V (Lantern Theater Company)
*RFK (New City Stage Company)
*A Bright New Boise (Simpatico)
*The English Bride (Theatre Exile)
*The Female Gaze (PAfA)
*Edith Can Shoot Things & Hit Them (Theatre Confetti)
*Tulipomania (Arden Theatre Company)
*The Untitled Feminist Show (Live Arts/Philly Fringe)
*Mike & Marga Make Queer Comedy (Painted Bride)
*The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Lantern Theater Company)
*The Amish Project (Simpatico)
*The Diary of Lisa Q (BRAT Production/Plays & Players)
*Cupid Ain't Sh*t (a J Mason Production)
*The North Plan (Theatre Exile)
*Hurly Burly (New City Stage Company)
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